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A bridge between West and East

AdvisingAsia is a brand of Asia Enterprise Co., Ltd. (“Asia Enterprise”), conceived for stressing the concept of its core business: advisory in Asia. AdvisingAsia is a boutique consulting firm, specialized in the internationalization of SMEs (small-medium enterprises). AdvisingAsia advises Western companies to get into Far East markets, and Asian companies to develop their business in the global markets.

AdvisingAsia works in two main consulting areas: i) international business strategy (marketing consultancy, sales network and temporary management) and ii) professional services (mainly legal and tax advice).

  • With reference to the first area of expertise, AdvisingAsia  creates tailor-made consultancy projects, according to its clients requirements and goals. In general, there are several different strategic steps: the analys of the market the company wants to enter, the strategy for successfully getting into that market, the research of contractual partners (e.g. for establishing a JV) and, finally, the temporary management of the business in the new market.
  • With reference to the second area of expertise, AdvisingAsia professional services comprise legal and tax advice, intellectual property protection, company establishment, JV implementation, international HR staffing, etc. In particular, AdvisingAsiahelps SMEs to overtake the legal challenges regarding the establishiment of a business in a foreign country. In other words, it manages to control and limit any risks arising from the «going global strategy».

In particular, the mission of AdvisingAsia is to create value for any company which desires to go international.

Indeed, AdvisingAsia is able to:

  • identify the the upcoming business opportunities, through the market volumes and trends definition, the competitors assessment, the products pricing and positioning, etc.;
  • analyze and define the best strategy for reaching the goal set by its Client, thanks to the suppliers potential assessment, the consumers’ purchasing power evaluation, the definition of Business Key Success Factors (KSF), etc.;
  • finally, implement the defined strategy, thanks to its temporary management services and the reorganization of corporate functions, such as sales, marketing, and distribution.